Making healthy choices during pregnancy prepares you for a positive birth experience.

My goals for my students and clients are very simple: to do everything possible to stay healthy and low-risk throughout pregnancy, make informed choices about all aspects of pregnancy and birth, and to approach birth with confidence and not fear. These three goals mean several things about the way I teach and how I practice as a doula.

Healthy and Low-Risk Pregnancies

First, I am relentless in encouraging my students and clients to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. Barely a week will go by that I will not ask you about your diet and exercise, bring you a new tidbit of information about food, or ask you to write me a food log. We all come from different places nutritionally and I respect that but I also know the value of a healthy diet to a healthy pregnancy and baby. You’ll find me a constant cheerleader for you as you work to make your pregnancy as healthy as it can be.

Making Informed Choices

Second, I support my clients’ informed choices. While most people who hire me have already decided they want to prepare for an unmedicated birth, I fully support the informed choices my students and clients make. I work tirelessly to help you find all the information you need and completely support the choices you make. Studies show that the women who are most happy with their births are the ones who felt they made their own choices. That’s what I want for my clients.

Confidence and Trust

Third, I want to help my clients approach their birth with confidence and trust. Confidence that you know what will happen and what to do. That your body will do the work of birth well and that the baby is strong. Trust in yourself, your partner, your body, your baby, and your birth team, myself included.

The Process

The way that I pursue these goals is through a lot of contact. My class series are typically 8-10 weeks long, which provides plenty of time to learn options, tell birth stories, ask and answer questions, air out fears, and prepare for birth. I encourage all of my doula clients to attend my class series or another comprehensive childbirth class. If that’s not possible I maintain as much contact as I can, meeting face-to-face several times before birth to talk and get to know one another. I believe that earning your trust is of paramount importance to a positive birth experience, and (sometimes!) even a shorter, easier birth. Doesn’t that sound lovely?