Initial Doula Interview

Our fist meeting is totally complimentary and requires no commitment. I am happy to come meet you at a location which is most convenient to you. This is our opportunity to get to know one another, to see if it “feels right,” and to answer all of your preliminary questions about my role as a doula.

Prenatal Doula Meetings

I will come to your home at least once to meet. The number of other meetings will depend on how early in your pregnancy you choose to hire me. The earlier you hire me, the more meetings you will get included in my price! A trusting and comfortable relationship between a doula and her clients is of utmost importance, so I try to meet with my clients as often as possible before birth.

During Labor

Once a client is late in pregnancy, I encourage her to call any time—day or night—to let me know she’s in labor. I prefer to meet my clients at their homes before transferring to their birth place (if other than home) so we can arrive at the hospital or birth center together and I can help with the transition. I will provide continuous labor support until the baby has nursed at least once and the couple has been moved into a post-partum room.

Post-Partum Doula Meeting

I will visit clients at least once post-partum. If the hospital stay goes beyond 24 hours I will visit once in the hospital and once at home. I am available to my clients thereafter for counseling and support as needed.