Author / Meg Lyman

In college I was taking a seminar on Latin American Thought – basically a philosophy class with the added twist that we were required to read and speak in Spanish – taught by a feminist. I loved it, but it was hands down the hardest class I’ve ever taken. At one point our discussion turned […]

Since I am an Amazing Parenting Expert and know Absolutely Everything About Parenting, I thought I would enlighten you all. Here’s a list of absolutely crucial tips that you can keep at the ready as you go about the next 18 years of parenting. You’re welcome. #1 When making PB & J sandwiches, always put […]

When clients hire me as a doula, they sometimes ask what kind of a doula I am (which is a little like asking what kind of a mother I am. Um… the good kind?). Here’s a little story I think illustrates Doula Meg. A mom called me at around 34 weeks at a the recommendation […]

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